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70 x 100 cm
Ink jet print mounted on Dibond - Wooden frame

During the spring of 2009, Nuno Cera and I went to visit the Cemetery of San Cataldo in Modena. Upon my request, he made a series of photographs of the unfinished masterpiece of Aldo Rossi. The cemetery was empty and quiet, as usual. Nuno took his time, in order to choose the right frame. He waited, and then went for the kill. His composure taught me a few more things about that place.
San Cataldo is full of critical memory, from those departed. It is rough and beautiful at once, like life. In the words of the architect, "besides the municipal exigencies, bureaucratic practices, the face of the orphan, the remorse of the private relationship, tenderness and indifference, this project for a cemetery complies with the image of cemetery that each one of us possesses."

DIOGO SEIXAS LOPES, architect, Lisbon.